Partner with Shared Med IT & NextGen Healthcare to create Urology Driven Health Records.

Imagine life with Urology driven health records.

With any number of providers, you face significant challenges in managing high volumes of patient emails and calls. The task of collecting and maintaining a health record is tedious and time-consuming.
With Shared Met IT and NextGen you can pursue an untapped opportunity and give yourself the gift of extra time and energy to devote to your core practice concern: patients.
Let your Urology Health Records drive a patient portal that becomes a seamless part of your communications and service environment. You can promote this new tool to your patients and team members as a mechanism that supports effective, efficient, and secure communication.
Secure messaging through a HIPAA-compliant environment benefits the providers, the practice, and the patients, as everyone can safely interact 24/7. The practice has the ability to expediently meet requests and needs as key transactions are streamlined.

Shared Med IT has the experience and the expertise to elevate your staff documentation, reduce the burden of typing and clicking, and fill the cracks in patient follow-up from lab results. Using NextGen Healthcare technology, Shared Med IT is your work, made easier.