NextGen Patient Call Flow

Are you tired of the hassle of managing patient calls, voicemails, and concerns? Do you want to improve the efficiency of your patient communication process while also increasing patient satisfaction? Look no further than our NextGen Call Flow Tool.

Our NextGen Call Flow Tool is a revolutionary way to manage patient calls, streamline communication, and reduce the workload of your staff. Here are a few of the benefits of using the tool.

Streamlined patient communication: With our NextGen Call Flow Tool, patient messages are automatically captured and transcribed, making it easy to keep track of their concerns. This tool links each patient’s message to their electronic health record, making it simple for your staff to access the information they need. This ensures that important issues are addressed both promptly and accurately. Leading to improved patient satisfaction and streamlined workflow.

Efficient staff task management: Tasks are created for your staff based on patient concerns, ensuring that important issues are addressed quickly. With multiple call trees based on patients’ needs, the NextGen Call Flow Tool prioritizes patient concerns and directs them to the right person. This solution ensures your staff is working on the most important tasks first, maximizing their efficiency, and improving patient outcomes.

Easy Integration with existing systems: The NextGen Call Flow Tool is powered by our 3CX server and integrates with your M365 email accounts. There is no need for you to switch phone systems or make external connections. Our tool uses a simple email exchange to gain access to patient voicemails, with specific identifiers captured that include the patient’s name, caller ID, and date of birth, offering a direct match to the patient. This ensures that all patient information is kept both confidential and secure.

Some key features of the NextGen Call Flow Tool

  • Automatic message capture
  • Transcription of patient messages
  • Linking to patient records
  • Task creation for your staff
  • Prioritization of patient concerns
  • Multiple call trees based on patient needs
  • Integration with existing phone and email systems
  • Secure and confidential patient information exchange

Don’t wait any longer to experience the benefits of our powerful NextGen integration. Contact Shared IT today to learn more about our NextGen Call Flow Tool and how it can be tailored to your practice’s specific needs. Our experienced team will work with you to ensure that you get the most out of this innovative tool.