Healthcare practices today confront many vulnerabilities as they operate and maintain their own servers. Shared IT can manage all your software in AWS, provide this service and back it with a 24/7 team thereby supporting you from NextGen to your accounting software.

Risk vulnerabilities include…

  • Maintaining robust security and privacy of HIPAA-protected patient data
  • Cyberattacks, such as phishing, hacking, ransomware, data breaches, insider threats, and more
  • Natural disasters and power outages
  • Supply chain problems
  • IT talent gap

Cost vulnerabilities include…

  • Physical space and bandwidth consumed by IT resources
  • Energy costs
  • Paying for technology you are not using
  • Cost spikes due to technology refreshes, upgrades, or expansion

Performance vulnerabilities include…

  • Poor performance due to servers compromised by exploits using your resources and your internet bandwidth
  • Slow and/or interrupted service to your remote workforce and patients
  • During high peak times: unable to perform because of your inability to quickly scale to meet your business needs
  • Potential patient data loss or inaccessibility due to unreliable backup and recovery strategies

That is why recommends to our many healthcare clients. With , your servers and storage are hosted in an Amazon Web Services cloud and vulnerabilities are drastically reduced or eliminated. In short, this solution allows you to refocus your attention back to patient care. You can now worry less about server upgrades, cyberattacks, or paying for 24/7 server operations that you don’t need. With , server resources are scaled to your needs, and they work only when you work so, no more servers running all night in an office closet. The many benefits of include:

  • Robust security and privacy for your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and PHI (Protected Health Information) data
  • High-quality, worry-free backup and recovery
  • A “pay only for what you use” cost model; Customers pay only for what they use and no more. Server capacity expands and retracts to adjust to your business’ needs in near-real time.
  • Responsive IT scalability that is always right-sized
  • Always-available, fast, anywhere access
  • Repurpose physical space in your office closet
  • Faster Internet (because your bandwidth is no longer consumed by on-prem servers)
  • More predictable IT spending

With Shared IT’s Healthcare Powered by AWS offering, healthcare practices can finally worry less about the many IT vulnerabilities they confront and fully dedicate their time and resources to what they do best – deliver great healthcare to their communities.